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 Mathematical Methods in Physics, Fall 2020 
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 Spring 2020

Statistical Thermodynamics (PHYS 70009, CRN 26386)

Course materials
Homework assignments
  1. HW1  (due Wed Jan 29, 5pm)  
  2. HW2  (due Mon Feb 10, 5pm);  
  3. HW3  (due Mon Mar 2, 5pm);  
  4. HW4  (due Wed Mar 25, 11:59pm); 
  5. HW5  (due Wed April 8, 11:59pm); 
  6. HW6  (due Fri Apr 17, 11:59pm); 
Solved Problems
  1. Solutions to some of the homework problems HW1SolsHW2SolsHW3SolsHW4.2Sol
  2. SP1 SP2 SP3  - Thermodynamics problems
  3. SP4: Electric polarization of an ideal classical diatomic gas
  4. SP5: A single quantum mechanical particle in a square well
  5. SP6: A single quantum harmonic oscillator
  6. SP7: A single quantum rigid rotator
  7. SP8: Three problems with the degenerate Fermi gas
  1. Midterm exam. (due Wed. March 18, 11:59PM).  Solutions  
  2. Final exam. (due Thu. March 7, 5:00PM ).  Solutions  



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