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6. K. Knoblauch, M. Ercsey-Ravasz, H. Kennedy and Z. Toroczkai.
 The Brain in Space.
 in The 22nd Colloque Médecine et Recherche of the Fondation Ipsen in the Neurosciences series: "Micro-, meso- and macro-connectomics of the brain", Fondation IPSEN, Paris, France.  Eds: H. Kennedy, D. Van Essen, Y. Christen Springer, Heidelberg, in press (2014). pdf

5. B. Molnár, M. Ercsey-Ravasz and Z. Toroczkai.
 Continuous-time Neural Networks Without Local Traps for Solving Boolean Satis ability.
 in 13th International Workshop on Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Applications.  Eds.: F. Corinto, G.E. Pazienza. Conference: 13th International Workshop on Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Applications (CNNA). Turin, ITALY. Aug. 29-31 (2012). pdf

4. N. Markov, M. Ercsey-Ravasz, M. Gariel, J. Vezoli, R. Quilodran, A. Falchier, C. Huissoud, S. Clavagnier, J. Sallet, P. Giroud, C. Lamy, P. Misery, D. Sappey-Marinier, P. Barone, C. Dehay, K. Knoblauch, H. Kennedy, Z. Toroczkai.
 Principles of interareal connections of the macaque cortex.
 in Proceedings of the 5th French Conference on Computational Neuroscience.  NeuroComp 2010 (Lyon, France). pp. 258-263, Oct. (2010)

3. G. Korniss, M.A. Novotny, Z. Toroczkai, and P.A. Rikvold.
 Non-equilibrium Surface Growth and Scalability of Parallel Algorithms for Large Asynchronous Systems
 in Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed Matter Physics XIII  Eds: D.P. Landau, S.P. Lewis, and H.-B. Schuttler 86, 183 (2001)

2. G. Károlyi, Á. Péntek, T. Tél, and Z. Toroczkai.
 Hydrodynamically driven chemical or biological activity in open flows
 in Proceedings of the British-Finnish-Hungarian Workshop on Re fined Flow and Transport Modeling in Shallow Water Environment  Budapest, Hungary Apr (1999).

1. Á. Péntek, J.B. Kadtke, and Z. Toroczkai.
 Controlling symmetric vortex con gurations.
 in Proceedings of ANDM'97,  AIP Conference, No. 411, 109 (1997).

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